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Appleton Makerspace Storage Policy

Space at a Makerspace is a finite resource. As a Makerspace is intended as a functional workshop and not a storage unit, provisions must be in place to make sure the space is fairly and practically shared. Any items in the Makerspace must be appropriately located in one of the following places:


The Inbox is for general donations. Please check the “Items Wanted” and “Items Not Wanted” list in our Donation Policy to see what items we do and do not accept. If your item is on the “Items Wanted” list and is in working order, please place it in the Inbox by the bay door at your leisure. If your item is on the “Items Not Wanted” list, we are not accepting that item at this time. It is important to follow this policy because disposing of items we don't need is a costly and time-consuming use of volunteer labor. If the item is on neither list or is in need of repair, please contact an officer to receive approval to donate the item. Members are also encouraged, if they wish to donate an item for use in a specific Functional Area, to contact that Functional Area's Chief to ask whether the donation would be a good fit. Please check the “Who's Who?” section on the “About Us” page of our website to get in touch with the appropriate Chief.

Free Hackpile:

Items which are useful, but inexpensive and not of particular value to the Makerspace are placed here and are free for all members to use. The Hackpile Chief, with Board oversight, is responsible for determining what items belong here. Premium Hackpile: More valuable items are placed here. The Hackpile Chief, with Board oversight, is responsible for determining what items belong here. The Hackpile Chief is responsible for pricing these objects and placing a sticker on them with the price. Any Makerspace member may purchase these objects by placing a donation of the appropriate amount into the Makepile bucket. These items may be sold at any time by the Makerspace through another channel if they are not purchased by members.

Functional Area:

This is an area or a workshop designed for specific sets of activities (i.e. woodshop, arts area, etc…) It is maintained by the “Chief” of that Functional Area. If you have an item that you believe would be of benefit to a Functional Area, please discuss it with the Chief. Ultimately, the Chief of a Functional Area has authority over whether an item is placed there.

Temporarily Left Out With Parking Permit:

With a Parking Permit filled out by any member, projects that do not interfere with safety/ mobility through any part of the Makerspace can be left out for up to 48 hours without Chief of Officer Approval. Any such items should be movable by other members if needed. If it won't be practical to move it due to size or fragility, you will need Chief, Hackpile Chief, or Officer approval to have it labeled “Do Not Move” and the project will need to be located in a place to minimize the need to move. Projects left out past the duration of the Parking Note will be brought to the Impound. With the approval of the Chief of a Functional Area, a 48 hour Parking Permit can be renewed up to 5 times. The Chief of a Functional Area may also approve a Parking Pass for up to 15 days. Any project left out past 15 days will require a Special Project Exemption.

Member Storage:

For a small monthly rental fee, the Appleton Makerspace has shelving and lockers available for Members to store their personal projects. Any item a member brings that does not belong in any other category MUST be in personal storage. Please see the Member Storage Chief for pricing and availability of Member Storage. All members get one free locker and a 2' by 4' shelf space in the locker area with their membership. Any additional lockers will incur a small monthly fee. Mark your locker with your name and contact info when claiming it. ANY ITEMS FOUND ON A SHELF OR IN A LOCKER THAT IS NOT LABELED AND BEING RENTED WILL BE PLACED IN THE IMPOUND.

Fees for additional space:

  • Locker: $3 per month
  • 2'x4' Shelf: $6 per month
  • 30“x48” Cart: $6 per month (must build or purchase approved rolling cart)
  • Floor Space: $1 per sqft per month (Renting any floor space requires specific prior approval and the fee is an estimate)

Special Project Exemptions:

With Board approval, specific projects may be exempted from parts of the above storage policy within set limits established for that specific project. Additional storage charges will apply depending on the amount of floor space used by the project. Please contact an Officer or attend the next Makerspace Board meeting held on the first Monday of every month at 8pm if you wish to seek a Special Project Exemption.

The Impound:

Any items not located in one of the above areas or left out past the time allotted in their parking note will be impounded. The Impound is located in the space underneath the southern-most storage shelf in Makerspace Storage, close to the bay door. The Impound is divided into two sections, one for the current month and one for the previous month. At the first Thursday Open Make of the month at 7pm, the Impound from the previous month will be auctioned by the Hackpile Chief. The Hackpile Chief will determine whether an item is to be auctioned at the Makerspace, kept by the Makerspace, or sold through another means and will price objects if appropriate. Any item that fails to auction will be handled as if it had been placed in the Inbox or sold through an alternate means. Until an item is put up for auction, it may be removed from the Impound by its owner at any time. MEMBERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO REGULARLY CHECK THE IMPOUND FOR ITEMS THEY MAY HAVE MISPLACED. ANY ITEM PUT UP FOR AUCTION CANNOT BE RETURNED.

Removing Items from Common Areas:

Any member has authority to move anything from a common area to the impound if the owner can't be contacted and the item doesn't have a valid parking sticker. Chiefs of Functional Areas have authority and are also responsible for making sure all such items are regularly removed to maintain a clean and safe environment. When moving anything to the Impound, the member should be careful to not break the item or lose any parts. If there are many parts, they should put it in a box before being moved. It should always be clear what items go together so that they don't get mixed up in the Impound.

Selling Items Owned by the Makerspace

All items owned by the makerspace which are not part of a functional area maintained by another chief can be sold at any time by the Hackpile Chief, or by others officially appointed by the board. Profits accrue to the general fund for the makerspace, or to the budget for the Functional Area if the item was clearly part of that area.

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